JCN Journal Club November/December 2015

Welcome to the JCN Journal Club. Here you will find a featured article for each print/online issue. An interactive discussion board will be available for each featured article. We hope that you enjoy this new feature of our blog.The featured article from the November/December 2015 issue is

The Impact of Body Mass Index on the Link Between Depressive Symptoms and Health Outcome in Patients With Heart Failure

Written by: Song, Eun Kyeung PhD, RN; Moser, Debra K. DNSc, RN, FAAN; Dekker, Rebecca L. PhD, APRN; Lennie, Terry A. PhD, RN, FAAN

The article can be found online here.

and it has been attached as a PDF file to this post


Should you have any difficulties accessing the article please contact me at journalofcvnursing@gmail.com. The discussion board will be opened within the week. I will also post information on how to review and critique an article for those who need assistance. Happy reading.

Impact Factors and Journal Quality

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have heard the great news… The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing’s journal impact factor is 2.05 and the journal is now ranked number 5 out of the 110 ranked nursing journals.

What exactly does this mean? This means that over the past two years articles from the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing have been cited on average 2.05 times. The articles published in the journal are highly relevant to current nursing science and are very high quality.

There are currently 110 nursing journals indexed for the Journal Citations Report. The impact factors for these journals range from 0.115 to 2.901 with impact factors greater than 2.0 being found only in the top five journals.

This is amazing news and a positive reflection on the researchers that submit their work to JCN, the editors of the journal, as well as the reviewers. This team works in unison to present the highest quality of nursing science and the outcome is apparent.

Keep up the great work researchers, editors, and reviewers… You know we are shooting for that number one spot. Keep your eyes on the prize and continue to do great work.

The Loss of a Legend

This week the world is mourning the loss of B.B. King. You may be wondering what the passing of a blues legend has to do with cardiovascular nursing. To my knowledge, the manner of B.B. King’s death has not been released and I would not speculate or condone speculation of this topic, but his loss has me pondering issues surrounding the end-of-life. My research path has led to a place in which I am currently investigating end of life choices in advanced heart failure patients with life-saving and life extending devices. We know that over half of heart failure patients die within five years of diagnosis and the trajectory of this illness can be so very uncertain. How do you as a nurse approach your patients regarding end-of-life issues, particularly in the face of illnesses in which the timing of death can be so unclear?


As National Nurses’ Week Comes to A Close………

As a nurse who began practicing shortly after the American Nurses’ Association began sponsorship of National Nurses’ Week in 1995, I have seen an evolution of the recognition of our profession. In the early years, the celebration was limited to a cute tote or lunchbox and cookies from my staff nurse assignment du jour. As the years flew by, I began to notice a palpable shift in the meaning and the feeling of this celebration of nurses. It is noticeable in the pride of our profession shown by nurses. The proclamations of “I would not be who I am today if not for nursing” or “I cannot imagine not being a nurse” inspire warm fuzzies in us all. It is noticeable in the deeper understanding of what we do as nurses by people who are not in the nursing field. It is noticeable in the shift toward a higher level of professionalism in nursing.

This pride, professionalism, and understanding will lead the way for future changes in our profession… I also still like the cookies.

What are your thoughts? Please leave your comments below.


Welcome to the JCN Blog

My name is Jennifer Miller. I am a PhD candidate at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing. I accepted the position of digital editor at the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing earlier this year. I am very excited about the opportunity to contribute to the conversations of cardiovascular nursing. I have been a CV nurse for almost 20 years and a nurse educator for 5 years in and around Lexington, Kentucky. I have cared for CV inpatients, outpatients, and procedural patients. I have always loved the heart. Early in my schooling, like many young nurses, I thought I wanted to go into labor and delivery but soon realized I was born to be a CV nurse. It just made sense to me…. I tell everyone… it is plumbing and electricity… I am a very technically oriented girl.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the blog and that as a group we communicate in an interactive manner. I am whole heartedly devoted to the dissemination of scientific information in a manner in which all people can understand and use it. Hopefully this blog will provide a virtual space for these conversations. Plans for this website include feature articles from the JCN journal, journal clubs, and interactive conversations with journal authors and leaders of research and practice in our field.